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Catch some incredible art experiences in Shellharbour Village!


Art Experiences

Live mural

The Imaginarium Exhibition

Watch as the laneway next door to Pacino’s Café comes to life with a live mural painting by Sahil Roy, a renowned multi-disciplinary artist and designer from Melbourne.


With a creative foundation as a graffiti artist spanning over a decade, the transition into an abstract approach has allowed Roy to explore an entirely new avenue of style and creative self-expression. His now signature layering processes enable him to capture his own visual narratives, floating through dynamic layers of stylistic introspection.


The Shellharbour art scene gets a vibrant injection this month with a group show featuring four distinct talents from Friday 21 June until Sunday 23 June. ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ showcases a collection of local and national artists who have contributed to the ever-growing mural scene in the area.

Sarah McCloskey, a Sydney-based artist, will be showcasing her captivating portraits that weave human connection with the natural world. Sarah is the artist responsible for the beautiful murals that wrap our Oak Flats Library. She was a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Archibald Art prize and her talent provides a vessel for us to explore human emotion and experience.

Joining her from Melbourne is Ling, known for his large-scale installations. His work bursts with bold textures and colors, a unique blend of graffiti energy and traditional techniques. 

Melbourne's own Sahil Roy will also be unveiling his layered abstract pieces. Years spent documenting the city's ever-changing walls inspired him to translate the chaos of urban life into captivating visual narratives.

Rounding out the event is Alex Sugar, a renowned Melbourne painter. He presents his breathtaking studio works, showcasing the vibrant beauty of Australian wildlife. 

This exhibition promises a captivating journey through the diverse styles and inspirations of these four talented artists, all sharing the same gallery space for the first time.

Opening Times
 Friday 6pm - 9pm
 Saturday 10am - 3pm 
 Sunday 10am - 3pm 

Virtual Reality Sessions

Come on down to the Imaginarium from 10am – 2pm to test out our Virtual Reality Street Art Simulator and create your very own piece of V-Art!

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